Thursday, June 24, 2010

Newport, OR to California

Helping winds and favourable grades made the 230 miles to California
some of the best yet. With terrain ranging from high dunes to forests
and towering capes, the landscape was both challenging and
spectacular. The past two days were also a learning experience.

1. Always keep plenty of snacks on the bike - running out of energy in
a tunnel is no fun.

2. The worst words in the English language: "Passing lane ahead".
Translation: massive hill ahead

3. Stay well clear of anybody driving an RV, they're worse than

4. Mike and ikes can get you through anything

Redwoods tomorrow, very excited though I doubt I'll have any trouble

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  1. Sounds like this trip is much more challenging than last summer. The more you head south, are the nights getting warmer? The Redwoods are magnificient!!! We took a hike through them and were amazed by their size. ENJOY and watch out for those RVs, especially their side-view mirrors!!

  2. Looking forward to seeing the pictures and hearing the stories! Sounds spectacular.....and HILLY....and lots more wonderful scenery - and hills - ahead.

    Take it easy, and enjoy.

  3. Edward, your brother-in-law and I suggest that you wear boxers under your shorts for extra padding. :) Ha ha ha.