Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 1 - Birch Bay

Firstly, a heartfelt thank you to Joe Kilkeary, who took us to Newark Airport at 4AM yesterday. Joe that was insanely nice of you.

Day 1 took us out of Canada. I for one had to be coaxed away. If there are stinky parts of Canada, they are no where near Vancouver. Is there something I'm missing? Why doesn't everyone live here?

Fun fact you may not have known about Canada: they have their own omnipresent coffe shop to rival Starbucks, called Blendz. ('S' has been replaced with 'z' to ratchet up the cool factor, ratchet it up BIG TIME).

We are camping in Birch Bay, which faces the San Juan Islands. Northern tip of Washington. It's pretty darn nice around here, too, I must say.

As well as hilly. The hills suck the life out of you pretty quickly. I even encountered a hill today that I literally couldn't get up. Had to walk it. Ed made it up, though. Of course he did. Ed eats hills for breakfast.
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  1. These Canucks are crazy. Nuddy biking, forsooth. Pix must be fantastic. Have a good trip: Keep eating those hills.